WiFi Solutions & Structured Data Cabling

WiFi & Network Cabling

If you love your favorite movie streaming service or gaming online , the need for a solid home network is vital, whether it`s WiFi or wired via structured Data cabling. Not happy with your NBN wiring or router location we can relocate the NBN cable to where you want it.

Data Cabling is where a physical cable is run  from your router to any device that requires internet access . Ethernet  Cat6   cable  is what should be run to all your AV equipment or  your home office and will therefore ensure the fastest connection to your network. We set up WiFi networks and fix range issues and black spots with your existing WiFi by adding Wireless access points so that you have perfect WiFi signal to the whole house. Data and Phone cabling must be done by a registered cabler with the correct endorsements and field experience , which we pride ourselves in having. Please feel free to contact us with any issues or questions you may have with your  network.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • + NBN cabling
  • + Wifi black spot solutions
  • + Data cabling and Networking for Home/Office
  • + Cat6 Ethernet cable
  • +  All cabling services
  • + Ubiquiti Wifi Wireless access points
  • + TP Link High speed Network switches
  • + Registered Cablers